Contact Information:


Phone (Office): 434-924-3525

Twitter: @JonathanColmer

I'm an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Virginia, and the Founder and Director of the Environmental Inequality Lab. I'm also a research associate at the Center for Economic Performance and the CAGE Research Centre, and a research affiliate of IZA, the CESifo Network, and the IGC.

My research is in environmental economics. I combine data with insights from economic theory and environmental science to understand how economic activity and the environment influence one another.

Research Questions:

  • How we can manage natural assets and liabilities in a way that maximizes global economic potential?

  • How does environmental quality influence economic activity?

      • How does the underlying economic and policy environment translate changes in environmental quality into economic damages?

      • How does environmental quality affect poverty, economic opportunity, and inequality?

  • What are the environmental and economic consequences of regulations that seek to control economic activity?

Research Interests:

Environmental Economics, Growth & Development, Public Finance, Labor Economics, Health Economics, International Trade and Economic Geography.